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You are a high school senior preparing for final exams when two masked intruders enter, grab, and kidnap you. You wake in an unfamiliar classroom and discover you are locked inside. There were others before you who successfully escaped and have left clues behind to help you find your way out. You must escape before your final exam begins, otherwise, you fail the exam and will not graduate. Will you uncover the clues and escape before your final exam begins in 60 minutes?

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Capacity: 8 people

Staff was super accommodating, super nice, and gave us a lot of clues! We tried ‘The Classroom’ and we escaped! Can’t wait to try the others! Will be back next weekend! Great family business!
— Amber Manacchio
We had a great time. Just missed solving the “Classroom” by 5 seconds. We will be back.
— Frank Tenner