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  1. Players acknowledge that their participation in The Great Escape Zone is purely voluntary.
  2. Children under ages 8 cannot participate in the game. Players under the age of 13 must be accompanied by at least one paying adult.
  3. Escape rooms hold 2-10 players at any given time.
  4. There are no scare tactics in the game but people with a history of claustrophobia or epilepsy may NOT participate.
  5. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or with an infectious illness may not participate.
  6. Participants cannot carry a gun, knife, or any object that may cause injury to themselves or their teammates.
  7. Smoking and use of open flame is prohibited in The Great Escape Zone, and within 10 feet of the entrance.
  8. Unless it is prearranged with the staff, use of cameras and cellphones to record is prohibited.
  9. Please play responsibly!!! Any damage to our property is the responsibility of the player.
  10. Strategically placed video cameras and microphones are recording at all time. In case of a dispute (e.g. stealing or property damage), these recordings will be used as evidence.
  11. Verbal instructions, regarding the rules of conduct, are given to each team player before the game begins. If the player accepts said rules, he/she can enter the game room and will be held responsible for all his/her actions.
  12. Players must be respectful of others and The Great Escape Zone property. Use of profanity and inappropriate behaviors are strictly prohibited. 
  13. If the rules are disregarded by any player, he/she must exit the game room immediately.
  14. Prices are subject to change without notice.