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John Buckingham, a self-made billionaire, prankster, and eccentric philanthropist, has been known to share his wealth in outrageous publicity stunts. Lately, he has taken to dressing, acting, and talking like a pirate. In a press release, Buckingham claims to have hidden “possibly the most valuable treasure ever,” in an old clipper ship that he has permanently docked near his ocean side mansion. Residents have flocked to take a turn at discovering Buckingham’s Billions, but so far, none have succeeded. Today, you and your crew are going to have 60 minutes to search for the elusive treasure.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Capacity: 10 people

We had a great time at the Escape Zone in the pirate ship room! Unfortunately, we didn’t escape, but the staff was very helpful and even gave us some clues when we got stuck. Would definitely recommend this place!
— Tracey Marshall
The staff working here are phenomenal! So enthusiastic and friendly. I escaped the Pirate room with 2 min to spare with my 12 year old daughter, her friend and my 10 year old son. We had a ball and look forward to doing the other rooms!
— Nick Marino
The Great Escape Zone in Bensalem is amazing! All the staff are friendly and helpful and one can tell they believe in and love what they do. Our family did the Pirate’s Treasure room - what a challenge! We loved the explanation at the end of how we could have “escaped” if we only had more time. We would go again and definitely recommend trying this Escape Zone.
— Chris Perry